Top 10 Medical Colleges in Karnataka

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Doctors are not just individuals who prescribe medicines and operate on people to help them come out of an illness. They are considered respected members of the society who are well adept in balancing human physiology and compassion with amazing dexterity to aid people from all strata of society. If you are a student with a passion for science and its application on human life, there is nothing more suitable for you than becoming a doctor. If you are hailing from Karnataka and wish to take up medical as your professions, here is a list of the best medical colleges in Karnataka.

Kasturba Medical Colleges Mangalore

This is one of the most sought after medical colleges in Karnataka where all students receive good placements in their field of recognize. The college is affiliated with renowned hospitals all across the country. Therefore, securing good placements in the hometown wouldn’t be a problem even if you are from any state other than Karnataka. Also, Kasturba Medical College offers study material and guidance so that students can get through important entrance tests like PG and NEET among others. Also, the infrastructure of the college is much loved by the students. They are offered some special facilities such as internet connectivity and gym and other sports facilities such as football, cricket, carom, badminton, and many others to refresh their minds. Plus, students willing to stay in the hostel will get access to fully air-conditioned rooms and attached bathroom. The professors are learned in their areas and help the students in all ways from clarifying their doubts to encouraging them to perform better.

St. John’s Medical College

Established in 1963, St. John’s Medical College is well-known for its MBBS course and accepts the admission of 60 students every year for MBBS undergraduate courses. It is run by the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of India and is the main wing of the St. John’s National Academy of Health Sciences. The infrastructure of the college is best in class that can be offered to the students. It is eco-friendly and the college claims to be the lungs of the Bangalore city. Students are not exposed to any kind of harassment or ragging by the seniors or the professors. Also, the course pattern is quite different from other colleges and has been developed keeping in sync with hi-fi universities like Oxford. Students always enjoy studying in this college owing to the perfect blend of co-curricular activities and academics. Often the jam-packed schedule and syllabus might seem to be a burden for the students but the institution also teaches the students how to fly.

MS Ramaiah Medical College MSR

Graduating from MS Ramaiah Medical College MSR will offer maximum chances of getting placed in desirable places. Though most students do not opt for practicing, if anyone wants to work right after completion of the course, there are ample opportunities available. The infrastructure of the college is quite impressive as the building was recently renovated. One of the best highlights of this college is the library that has the latest books and also, air-conditioned. The faculty is highly qualified and there are a number of professors who have written a good number of books. The teaching procedure is very impressive and there is also a projector in each classroom. Also, there is a good percentage of patient inflow in the hospital for which the students get a scope to learn a lot.

Kempe Gowda Institute of Medical Sciences

Established in 1980, Kempe Gowda Institute of Medical Sciences is attached to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka. In order to get admission in the college, the students will have to pass the P.U.C. examination which is conducted by the PU board of examination. The fee structure of the college may vary as per the category under which the admission is sought. All in all, this college is a feasible option for you if you are willing to take up medical as your profession. The reviews of the college by its ex-students speak a lot about the brilliant campus life and the academics that the students are exposed to.

MVJ Medical College

Hailed as one of the best medical colleges in Karnataka, students from all over the country come here to take up their dream profession. The campus is spread across a sprawling 27 acres and is overflowing with greenery. The building looks magnificent and the halls, corridors, and classrooms indoors are truly the haven for the students. Also, the laboratories are well-maintained and the library offers access to hordes of books from all streams. The students who wish to avail the hostel facility will get the on-campus staying facilities along with a café, gym and a mess. The rooms are quite spacious and the layout of the whole area is functional and well-planned. Another amazing feature of the college is that the hospital facility is free for all the students. It is located at a stone throw distance from the college which makes it extremely convenient to travel between the hospital and the college campus. The inflow of the patients is quite impressive in all departments and they are designed at par with the top-class hospitals across the country. Considering the administration of the college, it might seem to be tedious and stringent at times, but they are very kind and try to help the students in all respects.

JSS Medical College

Established in 1984, JSS Medical College is a center of excellence and offers 57 courses for students aspiring to become a doctor. The infrastructure of the college is impressive and beautiful. Students report that the classrooms are airy and spacious with an eco-friendly campus. There are two libraries that give access to almost all the books that a student might need during the course. Also, the faculty of the college are cooperative and they try to help the students in all walks of life. The professor to student ratio is impressive and the students say that they never faced any kind of problems regarding their studies. The placement cell is active here and the students are also offered handsome stipend during internships. The college itself good exposure and working environment to the students after the completion of the course. Bagging a decent job will never be an issue if you are a student of the college and the students who pass out of the college are made worthy in their area of expertise. So, studying in this college provides a true learning experience and it leaves a mark on the individual all through his life.

Vydehi Medical College

Commonly referred to as VIMS, Vydehi Medical College is a reputed institution and a preferred medical college in South India. What attracts the attention of the students and their parents is the ambiance of the college. It is surrounded by lush greenery and there is no hint of air and sound pollution which is definitely a rare case in a metro city like Bangalore. The faculty of this college is among the friendliest and most knowledgeable found in the country. The students are taught the creation and utilization of board presentation and PPT along with 3D visuals in order to make learning even more interesting for the students. There is also conveyance facility all across Bangalore which means you will have no scope to come late in college. The best part is that there is no instance of ragging and the senior students try to assist their juniors in every possible way.

But some students complain of the strict dress code and the scant number of holidays in a year. No student is allowed to enter the campus without the ID card and the students are hardly given a chance to bunk classes. Also, every hour biometric of each student is taken and in case someone is absent, it is informed to their parents without further delay. The institution provides internships for a span of 6 months and the students have the liberty to choose their area of work as per their preferences. The faculty members guide and help the students in their all-round development.

Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College KLE Academy of Higher Education

Boasting of an area of 100 acres, Jawaharlal Nehru KLE College has the largest campus among medical colleges across the country. There is greenery all across the campus and the architecture of the building is also impressive. It is well equipped with all the study materials and the basic requirements of the students with respect to studies. There is a Wi-Fi facility at every corner of the college which offers high-speed internet connectivity. The classrooms have all the features of a modern classroom and it is designed in such a way that each and every student can see the board while the teacher can see all the students. There is a separate building for the library with a huge number of books and a spacious reading room. There is separate sports building for playing indoor games along with football ground and a basketball court. There is no direct placement opportunity for the students taking up medicine. There are a lot of vacancies in the field and the students become so competent after the completion of the course that all of them secure a good position. Many students of the college work with the AIIMS while some work in private clinics.

AJ Shetty Medical College

The college is a premier medical institution in Karnataka and is approved by the Council of India. The students of the college are mentored to believe in the noble vision of serving mankind. The classrooms are airy and spacious and have been developed keeping in mind the development of technology in the 21st century. The laboratories are equipped with all the modern functionalities and high standard amenities to facilitate learning. The library is stocked with some of the rarest books in the field so that the students can excavate the resources available and enrich themselves.

Father Muller Medical College

The students of the college review it as one of the best platforms for showcasing young talents in all fields including academics and co-curricular activities. There is also hostel facilities available for students staying away from college. The food offered to the students is also of high quality and they have the right to rate the food so that it can be changed if they want.  Though the admission and course fee is considered a bit higher than other colleges, every bit of the money spent is worth it as the students get placed in eminent colleges and hospitals right after the completion of the course. Moreover, if any student is willing to teach, Father Muller Medical College also welcomes them. The faculty members are very helpful and they are knowledgeable in their areas. They interact with every student and help them learn in every aspect of their lives.